Adventure 05 - The Tower and The Ruins

Due to their incomplete working of the portal’s magic, the team is split into two. Half of the Slayers appearing in the midst of Teramist while Farson’s forces raid the town; the other half appeared on a tower apparently set to assault the town from afar with magic.

Seneca Turing works his magic from the tower, preparing to launch a ball of flaming magic toward the direction of the city. With the help of a newly converted Kalessin Boraker, Turing is slain; but his body evaporates and his cadre of ghosts assault the party further. After defeating the ghosts, Kalessin and the other slayers open Turing’s spellbook and work to teleport themselves back into town.

Meanwhile, Estarrio Bowles is leading a raid on the town, chasing out survivors with an army of undead creatures. After carefully maneuvering around town, the remaining Slayers corner Bowles with the help of Elias Kogan himself, and stop the raids by slaying the dwarf blacksmith. From his personal possessions, the team takes a letter containing Bowles’s part in an unnamed ritual and a letter from his brother Esau, pleading with Estarrio to abandon the revolution and take up the blacksmith business Esau inherited from their father.

With the Slayers united, Kalessin and Elias head towards the Magistrate’s office to plan their next move.

Adventure 05 - The Tower and The Ruins

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