He goes through periods of almost lucidity. He can remember things, mostly feelings, sometimes maybe faces or shapes. This is triggered by objects and such, like he sees something and has feelings of familiarity. When he first “reawoke” as a sentinet/sapient being (he was essentially a monster when he was first transformed, and can’t remember much of it, let alone his human life)
Maybe he worked odd jobs as like a manual laborer for a while, like on a farm or in a city doing construction, but the pay was bad (maybe they paid him less because he was a dumb beast) but then maybe he was hired as a mercenary guard for a wealthy person. Perhaps one that Aldous was trying to scam…

Originally, he was a sort of warrior monk devoted to Tempus. Tempus is the Forgtotten Realms god of honorable warfare and such. I’m kind of modeling my idea of his human life as being almost like Japanese warrior monks, either like the Yamabushi or the Sohei or a combination of both.
I’m thinking that maybe he’s from a different land than we’re in right now (maybe even that mountain place you were talking about your party members were at) but he traveled, perhaps to fight in some sort of tournament of skill or some such, and perhaps it was some sort of ruse perpetuated by a shadow group, who wanted to like, get all of these famous warriors into one place, and curse them into minotaurs or something. I’m kind of wavering back and forth whether or not he should be one of a few minotaurs cursed by these people, or if he is a solitary one. I’m thinking though, that they used him, probably brainwashed (hence his current memory loss/amnesiac problems) to guard a powerful treasure or some such important thing (probably in a Labyrinth lol). I think it would be cool if we kind of introduced elements of his past as we go along, like, things triggering memories and things.

“I must find a way to reconnect with my past life and my humanity, and not give in to my passions and fits of rage.
“People are generally good and sincere, and I should trust them when they give their word.”
“It is my duty to hunt those down who cursed me to this existence, so that they cannot inflict more suffering on others.”

“If provoked, then never back down from a battle.”
“If going on a journey, then always make sure to bring enough food, water, and supplies for everyone.”



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